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America's favorite baseball coach is back, this time speaking to players' families

Earlier in the week, video of Sam Houston State head coach Matt Deggs speaking to the press following their regional loss to Florida State went viral. If you haven't seen it, you really should.

Deggs goes deep on what coaching is truly about, building men & building relationships that will last forever. "It's not Mission Omaha. It's Mission Build & Save Lives."

Well, following that press conference, Deggs walked out of the building....and into a parking lot full of players' families & loved ones.

Deggs couldn't help but open his heart once again.

I hear Deggs say "All of the fun is in the destination, its not in the ultimate journey"; but I think he misspoke. If you listen to what he's saying in the video, he clearly meant to have said the opposite, "All of the fun is in the journey, not the ultimate destination". He's right.

If you think about it, his message is nearly the same as what Dabo said at the White is about how we live between the moments....on the the journey Deggs describes.

Good stuff Coach. Good stuff indeed.