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An effective and adaptable counter scheme suitable for every offense with Baker HS (FL) offensive coordinator Rob Armstrong

If you're a team that has a perimeter run like veer, jet, buck sweep, or any variety of other perimeter runs that creates a fast-flow reaction at the second level of defenses, then the Sally scheme that acts as a counter that Baker HS (FL) offensive coordinator Rob Armstrong has utilized for a number of years, at a number of different stops is worth taking a look at.

Armstrong shares that one of his favorite things about the Sally scheme after running it for nearly three decades is you "ain't got to block nobody." Displace the linebackers with your perimeter threat, have a patient runner, and keep the rules simple up front and you've got an effective "Sally" scheme.

Baker HS and Armstrong are multiple on offense and have run the scheme a variety of different ways and show how it can fit into whatever your scheme is, ranging from the spread, to the veer, to the Wing T.

A few other interesting points I picked up from Armstrong's presentation:

  • Why they prefer to run it to the shade nose, and what they do vs. odd fronts
  • How running Sally effectively slows down the backside rush
  • How do you work on it during practice against a scout team that is not fast flow
  • What type of situations they try to stay away from calling it in
  • What plays they set it up with, and how it may fit into your scheme

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Catch the full presentation in the clip.