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An investigation is underway involving a potential situation brewing in the desert

At the end of the season, New Mexico State athletic director Mario Moccia gave head coach Doug Martin a show of support, noting that Martin would be back to lead the team in 2020.

The program has gone 22-63 since 2013 under Martin, and Moccia shared his complete confidence in Martin after the season, noting their seven-win 2017 season and bowl game as reasons to believe.

However, some allegations have recently come to light that, if substantiated, have have the potential to complicate things.

A recent report outlined in USA Today notes that the state's Attorney General has been in contact with New Mexico State officials and are conducting a review of student athlete safety and financial accountability matters following complaints surrounding the football program.

According to the report, those complaints include Martin allegedly using intimidating and threatening behavior towards players and verbal bullying, having them play while injured and instructing them to not see the trainers provided, and "disparate treatment of minority student athletes, nepotism, and hiring disparities."

Martin shared the following statement with the Sun-News, sharing that the source of the "ridiculous" allegations is a disgruntled parent.

"This is a ridiculous allegation that will be proven false by players and trainers and everyone around here. It comes from a single disgruntled parent who has a kid that was not getting to play. They have been threatening me all year long that if their kid didn't play they had friends who could get me fired. They have used racial slurs saying I treat black players better than other players. This will all come out in the end to be false."

Head here to read more on the situation.

Every off season it seems like an unfortunate situation like this seems to pop up, all with varying degrees of truth to each of them, and varying degrees of consequences as well.

Stay tuned to The Scoop as this situation develops.