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An NFL team is proposing a major change to the NFL hiring cycle

Albert Breer tweets today that there is a significant proposal that would alter the NFL's hiring cycle in a big way.

The Bills have submitted a rules change proposal to the league that would bar interviews for front-office and coaching positions until after the conference title games.

The proposal would also bar hirings until after the Super Bowl.

That change would push back the traditional hiring cycle a few weeks, which would certainly be an advantage to assistant coaches who are participating in the playoffs. Under the current timeline, those coaches have a short window where they're able to interview, and can't officially accept a the new position until after their season is over.

There has been no additional information shared as to why the Bills are proposing this, and it's fascinating to think of how this could impact jobs at the college level as the February National Signing Day (first Wednesday in February) and the Super Bowl (which has taken place the first week of February dating back to 2004) are so close.

While I'm admittedly not sure how it would ultimately impact a decision from a guy like Matt Rhule leaving Baylor for the Panthers a few years ago, The Bills getting this approved would likely mean some later movement of college assistants leaving for NFL opportunities, which many will have mixed feelings about leaving after signing a recruiting class.

Would this change of timeline provide more, or perhaps better opportunities to coaches like Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles? Both guys faced off in the Super Bowl after most teams had already decided on their new head coaches.

Owners are expected to vote on the issue this off season, Breer adds in his tweet.

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