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An update on Bo Pelini

On Monday, we reported that LSU has been vetting Youngstown State head coach Bo Pelini for their open defensive coordinator position and that he is considered a strong candidate for the job. At the same time, we noted Kris Richard and others have been in the mix as well. LSU also has a stockpile of more than capable coaches on staff already.

Multiple sources tell FootballScoop that LSU reached out to Pelini to gauge his interest when Dave Aranda was considering the possibility of leaving to become head coach at UNLV back in early December.

Pelini, sources tell FootballScoop, was willing to consider the possibility but also had both family and "football family" concerns that would have to be overcome before making a move. Pelini's youngest daughter, we're told, is in her junior year of high school and Bo would prefer to allow her to finish high school in Youngstown before moving. Furthermore, as we reported yesterday, Bo would want assurances from Youngstown that his brother Carl, and the rest of his staff, would be retained.

For the same reasons, Pelini has turned down at least one NFL defensive coordinator offer in order to remain at Youngstown, sources tell FootballScoop.

Last night, sources at LSU confirmed their belief he remains a candidate; however, Bo might have made his decision.

When contacted by local Youngstown reporter Dana Balash last night, Bo Pelini told Balash he will not be going to LSU.

With that said, back in December 2014, after this very website reported Pelini would be the next head coach at Youngstown State, Pelini denied that as well.

Will update as things become more clear on this search.

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