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An update on the beef between Nick Saban and Coach Prime

Were Saban and Deion able to put the allegations of Jackson State paying for a player behind them to star in a new AFLAC commercial?

It seems like a while ago, but it was less than two months ago that Nick Saban accused Deion Sanders and Jackson State of paying $1 million for a recruit.

It was in the same statement that landed Alabama's coach in the crosshairs of Jimbo Fisher for alleging the Aggies were cheating in recruiting and paying players.

With Sanders and Saban starring in AFLAC commercials together, a lot was being made of how the relationship was going to work moving forward after Sanders response to Saban didn't mince words.

Well, it appears Saban and Sanders were on set for their latest commercial recently and Coach Prime provided an update on the situation last night.

The caption?

"2 Goats. 1 Duck. No Beef."