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Announcing the Second Annual FootballScoop Video of the Year contest

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Back by popular demand, the Second Annual FootballScoop Video of the Year contest will be held in the coming weeks. 

A quick refresher: we are inviting videos of all sort to be submitted from every school, college or high school. The competition will be split into three divisions - FBS, college (encompassing everything from FCS to NAIA) and high school. Videos of any sort are accepted and encouraged, recruiting videos, pre-game hype videos, highlight films, behind-the-scenes videos. Only one video per school will be accepted, so give us your best shot. 

Here are last year's winners:

Like last year, the finalists and winners will be announced in early-to-mid July. Further details are still in the works, but know that submissions are due by Friday, June 27.That's 17 days from today. Remember, any sort of video is accepted, but only one submission per school. Videos can be submitted from as far back as July 2013, the date of last year's contest. 

Last year's event was incredibly successful and fun for all involved, and we can't wait to do it again. The quality we received from across the spectrum completely blew our judges away, and we know the bar inside the video industry has only been raised in the 12 months since. 

Good luck, everyone. 

WHO: Every football program in America
Second Annual FootballScoop Video of the Year Contest
WHEN: Submissions due by Friday, June 27
WHERE: Send embeddable video links (i.e., YouTube or Vimeo) to or @FootballScoop.