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Another FCS team opts out of Spring 2021 season

The Towson University athletic department announced today that its football team is opting out of the spring 2021 season. The university plans to instead, prepare for the 2021 fall season.

The school's release lists 8 other universities that have opted out of the spring season, however 6 of the 8 universities listed are currently playing this fall. The other two listed that aren't playing right now are Old Dominion and Sacramento State. Sacramento State made its decision to opt of the spring season just 4 days ago.

Similar to the statement made by Sacramento State, Towson officials cited concerns of playing two seasons so close together. Towson Athletic Director Tim Leonard said, "With football being a high-contact sport, the student-athletes and coaches agree that potentially sacrificing a normal fall season for a shortened spring year is not the safest course of action. We support our student-athletes and coaches in this decision, and we look forward to a return to the field for the 2021 season."

Tiger players were apart of the decision making process as head coach Rob Ambrose said he and the coaching staff surveyed the team and "...more than 75% of the team did not want to trade a full season next year for a six-game season this spring." Ambrose praised his players for their maturity and forethought saying,"The first thing we did is we took a step back once we knew there was going to be a plan for this, and we asked the players, and we listened. It is amazing how aware, broad-minded, forward-thinking and how intelligent our student-athletes really are."

The team still plans to hold normal spring practices in order to prepare for the fall 2021 season and to limit the potential for injuries.

The Tigers went 7-5 each of the past two seasons.

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