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Another state leaning towards playing high school football this fall

Yesterday, a statement was released from the Colorado high school athletic association Commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green explaining that there are conversations happening about reinstating football and other outdoor fall sports. 

This statement comes after Thursday’s announcement from the state of Michigan that it will bring back football with practices starting today.

Colorado’s consideration of this comes mere days after Michigan’s news. Blanford-Green noted “we’re monitoring information from other states to see if it’s applicable to reconsiderations in Colorado”. In addition to likely feeling pressure from many other states playing football, one would think the fact that several states have been playing for three or four weeks now and have not seen any significant spikes in new cases in their states is adding confidence that the game can be played safely. 

Colorado's current plan is to begin football practices on February 22nd 2021. A February 22nd start date could pose a significant challenge for schools in the western half of the state where the temperatures at the end of February can often be near 10 degrees. 

If Colorado follows Michigan’s suit with reinstatement of football, will the other states that are planning to play in the spring also reconsider playing this fall? 

Currently in Colorado, high school football is not being played; but the Denver Broncos are playing. Air Force plans to play at least two games; but Colorado and Colorado State are not currently planning to play this Fall. Confusing.

Ohio has a similarly confusing situation where high school football is being played, some college football (such as Cincinnati) is going forward and the Bengals and Browns will be playing on Sundays; but Ohio State, Ohio University and other universities are not playing.

Today, Colorado's Governor has come out saying he would support high school football this Fall in those school districts that are ready. Let's go!