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Collegiate Sports Video Association names top recruiting video of 2020-21

Beautifully shot and masterfully produced, Appalachian State's "Something About These Mountains" expertly sells Mountaineer football to its target audience.

Appalachian State's video "Something About These Mountains" has been named the Collegiate Sports Video Association's recruiting video of the year for 2021. It also won the SAVVY awards' Ultimate prize, which is like the Oscar for Best Picture in the college sports video industry. The awards were announced back in May, but App just publicized the victory today.

Created by App's 7-man video team and narrated by Mountaineer quarterback Jacob Huesman, "These Mountains" is App's eighth award-winning video, and its first Ultimate prize winner since 2014. 

I could write a million words about the quality of this video, but you don't need any. Its quality will be obvious before your first blink.

Even the title cuts right to the heart of App State's pitch here. The video does a great job of selling App not as a directional school, but a destination. 

A school in a small, rural town in western North Carolina is never going to be for everybody, and the strength of this video, and the university it's selling, is that it recognizes it's not for everyone. They're after the kid who thinks App State might be for him. Because if you're leaning toward App at all, "These Mountains" will tip you all the way over.