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It appears there's a budding bromance between Drake and Jim Harbaugh

Rapper and serial sports polygamist Drake hosted Saturday Night Live last week, and on Wednesday SNL posted a sketch that made it through rehearsals but did not survive to the finished product. In the sketch, Drake plays a new employee at Kinko's attempting to fit into the existing staff's eccentric culture (where have you gone, Will Ferrell?).

We don't know anything about Drake's character except that his name is Derek and he's a Michigan fan.

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Derek says he's a Michigan fan and went to school in Ann Arbor.

The Michigan reference isn't central to the plot at all (such that there is one); this is clearly something Drake wanted to shoehorn in to the sketch.

But why?

Drake is well-known as the hip hop Kenny Chesney, at one point or another proclaiming affiliation for Kentucky basketball, the Miami Heat, the Toronto Raptors, multiple British soccer teams and, at one time, Johnny Manziel. But Manziel is no longer in football, and we know Michigan was one of many schools to spoof Drake's new album cover when it dropped earlier this year.

That Michigan cup made it -- well, almost made it in -- SNL for a reason, and best we can tell this is it.

Yeah, it appears this is a thing now. We'll know for sure when Drake appears on stage in Levi's finest khakis and Michigan schedules a satellite camp in Toronto.