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Are you adapting your defense to fit personnel or as an answer to what offenses are doing?

Entering his first year calling the Buckeyes defense, Jim Knowles explains why he believes in adapting your defense to what offenses are doing.

Since arriving in Columbus a few months ago, Jim Knowles has fielded quite a few questions about how the Buckeyes defense is going to look compared to his top-notch Oklahoma State defense of the 2021 season.

A lot has been made about the transition from Stillwater to Ohio State, where the roster is full of four and five-star recruits and you've got who have more of the "measureables" that coaches value. 

So will the Buckeyes scheme look similar to his top-ranked defense at Oklahoma State?

"Change is important, so we will see, but you hope so because we had great success. Those guys (at Oklahoma State), being 6th round draft picks, that's great, but if you look at their production, their production was as good as anybody's," Knowles shared in a recent interview.

"So now, here, we're going to have guys that maybe have some better measurables but hopefully their production is going to be as good as anyone in the country. That's what elevates things."

Asked a follow up question on whether his defense at Oklahoma State was designed for the personnel that they had, or if it was more as a response to what offenses are doing in modern college football.

Knowles made it clear where his defensive philosophy is rooted in his answer.

"It was an answer to what offenses are doing. Ultimately, a good carpenter doesn't complain about his tools, so even if you're not at a place where you don't have four-star and five-stars, you put together the best system."

"I'm always looking at offenses and what they're doing, where they're trending, and what they're doing and you've got to have answers to that. They level that you're playing at, the better the players...GREAT. But you still better have the answers to what they're doing."

Hear more from him in the clip.