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Arizona AD Greg Byrne heading to work for ESPN


It might only be for one day Greg, make the most of it!

Monday night ESPN's Darren Rovell offered to trade jobs with University of Arizona director of athletics Greg Byrne for a day.

No brainer for Byrne if you ask me. Great publicity for UA. Good opportunity for Rovell to spend some time in Tucson as well as getting a feel for all of the day to day decisions that going into being the athletic director of a major institution.

We look forward to have cameras rolling on both men that day.

Make. It. Happen!

In all honesty, we have no idea if this will truly come to fruition; but it would be fun if it did. Props to Rovell for throwing the idea out there. If it does happen, more of the sports world will get a glimpse into Greg Byrne, a rising star in the profession.