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Arizona AD Greg Byrne turns to Twitter to help with stadium branding

There may only be a select few FBS athletic directors that utilize Twitter, and social media in general, as well as Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne (@Greg_Byrne). Yesterday, Byrne provided a shining example of that.

Arizona is installing a new, high quality video board in the north end zone, and because Twitter is one of the most efficient, and effective ways to reach loyal fans, Byrne pitched a few ideas and solicited feedback from the fan base.

Judging from the responses and amount of favorites on each of the tweets, option #2 for the design on the back of the video board was the most popular. So in a matter of 24 hours, Byrne pitches a question and a throws out a few ideas and he quickly has a pretty solid cross section of the fan base to move forward with.

Whether you're a high school AD, or just an aspiring coach hoping to occupy an AD office one day, you can learn a lot on social media from Byrne.