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Arizona has an interesting incentive for players to bypass the conditioning test


With college programs across the country starting camp this week, the dreaded conditioning test is on the mind of every player entering camp.

At Arizona that meant timed fifths, where players did a lap around the field in a certain time constraint before being given a one minute rest. This had to be done five times for time. Sounds pretty grueling right?

Well, Arizona devised an interesting incentive for players who have earned their keep over the summer with an opportunity to skip the conditioning test.

Players that made all their runs in the summer, or those that break a record, got the option to relax on chairs in the comfort of a nice tent, with cooling fans directed at them while their teammates went through the grueling five-fifths.

If you're looking for a great incentive to use this off season, dangling a carrot like this might be just the trick.

I really like this move by Rich Rod and his staff. Well played.