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Arizona seized the moment and gave a clinic on timely Twitter recruiting tactics


Much of the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and East coast are bundled up and dealing with snow up to their calves (at least) as they wrap up their football season (or for high school programs, finish their playoff runs).

The picture above was the scene at Minnesota Duluth's practice yesterday, and we profiled a number of practices around the country yesterday in less than ideal weather (or ideal weather, depending on your vantage point).

Below is a look at West Michigan, right on the lakeshore, at Whitehall HS.

While coaches and players were coming off the field trying to warm up, one man saw an opportunity. Because he's essentially always recruiting, Arizona director of on-campus recruiting (and Twitter/social media czar) Matt Dudek seized the moment to sell the Arizona football program, and the benefits of its location.

While some programs are piling on layers and stuffing their pockets with hand warmers just to make it through practice, Arizona was rolling out the ice cream truck to beat the heat..and wanted everyone to know it.

To the uneducated eye, the timing of the tweets may seem like a coincidence, but I think most of us know better.