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Arkansas State is auctioning off a chance to coach its spring game again

Arkansas State spring game

Arkansas State

For the second year in a row, Arkansas State is auctioning off a chance to serve as head coach for the Red Wolves' upcoming spring game. It's such an easy, brilliant and lucrative idea that I'm surprised a dozen schools or more didn't blatantly rip it off.

To those unfamiliar, it's a markedly simple concept. Instead of serving as the head coach for his first spring game, new head coach Blake Anderson put his job up for auction as a fund-raiser for the program. It was a smashing success. The auction raised $11,700 and inspired a profile from Bleacher Report's Adam Kramer on the winner - 25-year-old tech CEO Nick Bhardwaj.

With Arkansas State's spring game approaching on April 17, the auction has now opened (at the low, low price of $1,000) for the second annual Coach-For-A-Day Auction. The winner will embed himself with the program, draft and then coach his team and head home with a closet full of Red Wolves' swag and a bucket list experience.

“This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Bhardwaj said on his one-and-done coaching career. “A lot of my mentors and people close to me have stressed the importance of building experiences. There’s no materialistic thing that could replace something like this.”