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Arkansas State promises 100 percent job placement for graduating athletes

Arkansas State

The vast majority of college athletes, as they say, will go pro in something other than sports. Arkansas State has taken a major step to help its athletes find their career - or at least their first job.

On Thursday, Arkansas State announced a plan to promise 100 percent job placement for all its graduating athletes. A 100 percent guarantee? Is ousted Men's Wearhouse CEO George Zimmerman now running marketing for Arkansas State's athletics department? There's a reason Lysol only claims to kill 99.9 percent of viruses bacteria.

“You have to look at the big picture, and truly say ‘in the end, what is our purpose here?’ Yes, we want our student-athletes to be successful in competition and win championships. However, it all comes down to making sure they graduate and leave here in the best position possible to succeed in life after college," said Arkansas State athletics director Terry Mohajir. "This is about personal and professional development – gaining experiences that otherwise couldn’t be obtained to enrich their chances for more job opportunities.”

Through its newly established Red Wolves Leadership Academy, Arkansas State is also the first athletics department to send its athletes on a study abroad program. “When you take that kind of education and add experiences such as this outside the typical classroom environment, it becomes a very powerful combination that, as of right now, only our student-athletes will have," Mohajir said.

This, obviously, is a big step for Arkansas State and a very big promise for Mohajir to make. But in age where Jim Delany is willing to front the ridiculous plan of making all freshmen ineligible as a means of welding athletics and academics back together, there is no one putting their money where their mouth is quite like this.

And if the Red Wolves can follow through on this pledge, this will be quite the trump card on the recruiting trail for Blake Anderson and his colleagues.