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Arkansas State's coach-for-a-day auction was won by a woman

Arkansas State

As far as we know, never in recorded history has a woman coached a college football game. That changes Saturday, even if it is in the most highly of unofficial ways.

Arkansas State announced the winner of its second annual "Coach Experience" auction, and it's Imboden, Ark., native Angie Gallaher.

“We are excited to have the first female FBS head coach in the nation, which will give us a pretty unique twist to our spring game, and we can’t wait to get her more involved,” Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson said in a statement Monday. “Angie is a big-time supporter of our program and a huge fan, so it will be a lot of fun for our staff, players and fans to have someone so familiar with our team taking on this role.”

Gallaher owns United Country-Scenic Rivers Realty, which sponsors Anderson's weekly in-season radio show. She won the eBay auction with a bid of $8,700, down $3,000 from last year's winning bed submitted by 25-year-old tech developer Nick Bhardwaj. In reality, this year's auction - won by a Red Wolves booster - feels more like the norm for the coach-for-a-day promotion instead of the random Silicon Valley thrill-seeker with money to burn.

“I love Red Wolves football, so this is an awesome opportunity after having followed the team and coaches for so long,” said Gallaher. “I go to practices, have been to Mobile the last three years (for the GoDaddy Bowl) and I get more into it every year, so I thought why not take another step and be coach for the day. I think this is a great thing A-State is doing. It will certainly be a learning experience, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Gallaher will be introduced at a Friday press conference and then immerse herself in the program through the spring game the following day. In addition to the coaching gear, the photos and the memories, Gallaher will take a small piece of history home with her as well.