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Arkansas unveils new (old) uniforms

Normally, the perfect time to unveil new uniforms is when you've just hired a new head coach. Visual metaphors and all that.

At Arkansas, though, they waited a year.

Heading into Chad Morris and company's second year in the Pig Pen, Arkansas is ditching the shoulder tusks in favor of a more traditional look.

As a reminder, here's how the Hogs dressed through last season.

Arkansas old

And here's how they'll look moving forward.

Arkansas 2
Arkansas 4
Arkansas 3

If those kits look familiar, that's because they are. It's an updated template of how the Hoggs dressed during the Darren McFadden years, a classic, simple look that will never get old.


The McFadden homage is not coincidental. The "Dat Wood" phrase comes from this McFadden quote after beating No. 1 LSU in 2007.

In a few years, Arkansas will grow bored of these uniforms and go for something new and fun. And then a few years after that they'll come back to their senses and switch to these again.