Normally, the perfect time to unveil new uniforms is when you’ve just hired a new head coach. Visual metaphors and all that.

At Arkansas, though, they waited a year.

Heading into Chad Morris and company’s second year in the Pig Pen, Arkansas is ditching the shoulder tusks in favor of a more traditional look.

As a reminder, here’s how the Hogs dressed through last season.

And here’s how they’ll look moving forward.

If those kits look familiar, that’s because they are. It’s an updated template of how the Hoggs dressed during the Darren McFadden years, a classic, simple look that will never get old.

The McFadden homage is not coincidental. The “Dat Wood” phrase comes from this McFadden quote after beating No. 1 LSU in 2007.

In a few years, Arkansas will grow bored of these uniforms and go for something new and fun. And then a few years after that they’ll come back to their senses and switch to these again.

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