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Army and Navy both reveal special uniforms for their rivalry game

Army and Navy have both revealed their special uniforms for their match up next weekend.

Conference championship games may dominate this weekend, but next weekend we will get the historic Army vs. Navy match up with a 3pm EST kickoff.

It has become customary for both teams to rock some special uniforms for the match up, and over the past 24 hours both teams have revealed those unique threads.

This year, they're both bringing their A game.

With kickoff for the game happening just over 10 miles away from where the World Trade Center towers fell, Army will be paying tribute to Army Special Forces with their alternate uniforms and helmets.

A special patch that says DE OPPRESSO LIBER will adorn the uniforms, meaning "to free the oppressed." The uniforms will pay special tribute to the special forces that responded overseas after the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

Below is a video from Army highlighting the uniforms, and head here to read more on the design elements in them. 

As for Navy, they'll be rocking some FLY NAVY Super Hornet inspired unis.

It's always cool to see how the service academies draw similarities between what they do, and what is required of a successful football team. This year is no different.

On the back of the helmets there will be a a set of one of three gold wings, as "each of the gold wings symbolizes a unique and critical group within Naval Aviation. Unable to accomplish their mission without one another, the success of the air wing depends on the ability of each individual to perform its job at an elite level."

See more pictures of Navy's alternate unis for the game, as well as video, below.

Head here to read more on the design elements you'll see in them.