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Army fines assistant coach $25,000 for #Wakeyleaks involvement

An investigation into Army's involvement in the Wakeyleaks scandal has found one former and one current assistant coach accepted stolen information from former Deacons assistant coach turned traitor radio analyst Tommy Elrod, the Black Knights announced Tuesday.

Former assistant Ray McCartney and current defensive coordinator Jay Bateman "obtained non-public information and took actions to conceal the information and its source," as Army worded it in its press release.

As a result, Bateman has been fined $25,000 and suspended for two weeks from all team activity. Bateman earned a salary just north of $310,000 in 2016, according to the USA Today coaching salary database.

"Our commitment is to foster a culture of excellence and winning in everything we do," U.S. Military Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen, Jr., who headed the investigation, said in a statement. "It does not mean that we win at all costs. Rather, it means winning in accordance with our values and who we are as an institution and a nation. When we win, we will do so honorably, remaining true to the values and standards that define us."

Lt. Gen. Caslen's investigation found Elrod shared information with McCartney -- the pair worked together previously at Wake Forest -- who then shared it with Bateman before the 2014 Wake-Army game. Elrod also shared information with Bateman before the clubs' 2016 meeting. Wake Forest won the 2014 game, 24-21, while Army took the 2016 meeting, 21-13.

"Although no NCAA rules were violated, these actions do not represent our values," added Army AD Boo Corrigan. "We appreciate Wake Forest bringing this matter to our attention and I want to apologize to the Wake Forest administration and to the West Point community."

Army says it will use Bateman's $25,000 fine to conduct ethics training for its staff.

Current Louisville assistant coach Lonnie Galloway and former Virginia Tech assistant Shane Beamer (now with Georgia) were also have found to accept leaked information from Elrod.