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Army is rebranding the program with a new nickname and a change of uniforms

According to Army football beat writer Sal Interdonato, the Black Knights nickname will be scrapped for the traditional Cadets nickname early next week, and the move will become official on Monday as part of a school-wide rebranding process.

The Black Knights moniker picked up steam back in the 1920's when a New York sportwriter called the football team "The Black Knights of the Hudson." While the name has been part of the program for decades, it wasn't made official until 1999. Before that, the program was widely known as the Cadets, dating all the way back to their dominant days on the gridiron in the 1940's.

"We really want to make sure we have something that identifies regionally, nationally and internationally.” Army athletic director Boo Corrigan explained back in November.

On Monday, Army will broadcast the rebranding event, beginning at 8pm.

Rebranding means new uniforms, and over the past several year Army has worn some pretty sweet alternate uniforms, most notable featuring camouflage. So, who knows, maybe the black and gold look will be scrapped for something a little more like the fan-favorite alternates below.