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Art Briles' in-state recruiting pitch is fantastic


We are blessed with a number of Hall of Fame raconteurs and quote-worthy coaches in college football. Les Miles, Mike Leach and Steve Spurrier immediately come to mind, but there are more of them out there than the numerous "We are excited about this season" quotes would lead you to believe. 

Take for instance, Art Briles

Maybe he's emboldened by Baylor's status as the reigning Big 12 champions, or maybe he has always been this way if we'd only bothered to ask, but Art Briles' tongue has been one of the stars of Talking Season, as Spurrier likes to call it.

It started Monday with this: 

And then continued with the odd connection of Bryce Petty, Dairy Queen and the city of Salem, Ore., that has taken on a life of its own:

And then there was this answer, during ESPN's Big 12 recruiting roundtable (unfortunately it falls behind ESPN's Insider pay wall, so I can't link it here). I'll take more where this came from. 

Briles answer

(HT @max_olson)