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Art Briles discusses the possibility of returning to coaching

Art Briles popped up in the news again this week, this time as an invited speaker at UAB's coaching clinic.

Speaking after a session called "Making Concepts Into Themes," Briles was approached by reporter Joseph Goodman. While he declined to get into the goings on at Baylor, Briles said he'd like to coach for another decade. (Briles is 61). He said his immediate focus is on helping his former staff members find work again, and that he has no plans to coach this season -- though not for a lack of desire -- but he could become involved "in some capacity."

"It might be as a volunteer, or it might be as a consultant," Briles told the site. "There are a lot of different opportunities, but we'll just have to see if that's what it leads to. This is the first time in my life that I've ever been open and free because I started coaching before I graduated college."

He added: ""I've been very blessed up to this point. I understand that, and now to me it's all about fulfilling that blessing. So, that's really just where I'm at from a mental standpoint."

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