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Atlanta Falcons and Hawks to provide early voting site for Georgia Senate runoff

The Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks will both open their venues for early voting for Georgia's Senate Run-Off election.

The Hawk's State Farm Arena was used in the November 4th general election and provided a boost in voter turn out that resulted in over 850,000 more voters than in the 2016 election. The positive response from the community encouraged these two teams to join together to provide a similar experience for the run-off.

The two venues will split the responsibility as a poling site. The Hawks' Arena will be used from December 14-19th, but because of the start date for the NBA, the Falcons' Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be used for the last 7 days of early voting starting December 22nd.

Steve Cannon, the CEO of AMB Sports and Entertainment that owns the Falcons and Mercedes-Benz Stadium said, “Voter awareness and active participation have long been priorities for our organization, and we are thrilled to be able to offer our support and services to Georgia voters."

Not only will the venues accommodate the large number of voters expected but will also allow COVID protocols to be more easily followed than at a small venue.

This is awesome.

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