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"Attention College Recruiters..." sign on weight room has the coaching community divided

A high school coach has posted a sign for college recruiters visiting his school that has the coaching community a bit split.

About once a year a sign around a football facility gets brought to our attention that goes viral and is universally applauded.

This is not one of those types of signs.

Beyond just football, Brother Rice (MI) is a school that has a rich tradition of athletic excellence. They've brought home 77 team state championships in ten different sports over the past five decades.

Adam Korzeniewski, the head football coach at Brother Rice (MI),  shared a picture of a sign yesterday that they have on the door to their weight room.

The sign reads:


Below is an active list being compiled of athletes who have routinely missed team workouts and always have an excuse. They lack the self discipline and motivation to take care of their responsibilities. I will not answer any questions regarding their performance, numbers, or character as their lack of attendance indicates that they only care about themselves.

I feel like the intent of the sign is clear, but the delivery is what is drawing mixed reviews from fellow coaches on social media

Responses range everywhere from "I trust that you aren't playing these kids on Friday nights then," to "I love this and am going to steal it," and even somewhere in between where they love the intent, but feel like the messaging could use a more positive spin rather than calling kids out so publicly.

Nearly every program in the country has kids they wish were more committed to the weight room, so is this an approach you'd employ? Would you tweak it a bit?

Personally, I love the intent here, I would just spin it in a more positive light.

During my first stop as a high school coordinator we came up with an accountability board, where we highlighted "HERE ARE THE TEAMMATES YOU CAN COUNT ON COME FALL" in big, bold letters next to the attendance sheet for the day. 

Certainly there's a similar way to tweak this and make it work for you, or maybe you're all for the way coach Korzeniewski has it laid out. 

Either way, I admire the creativity. 

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