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Auburn adds a fresh new layer to #ScholarshipAlert

If - and this is a big "if" - there were to be a single knock on the feel-good #ScholarshipAlert videos that everyone enjoys watching, it's that you don't get a full sense of the hard work and back story that many of those walk-ons went through to get to the point of being surprised with a scholarship.

Well folks, Auburn recently did a feature on a handful of their walk-ons that earned scholarships, and they took things to that next level by highlighting each of those guys' interesting backstories.

As you can imagine, most of the guys grew up dreaming of playing for the Tigers, some even passed up opportunities at other places for the chance to walk-on. One guy in particular (Chase Ritter) went from club wrestler his freshman year, to cheerleader his sophomore year, to earning a spot as a walk-on linebacker before landing that scholarship. That's quite the journey.

The video takes you inside the story of each of Auburn's latest scholarship additions, from the hard work and sacrifices it took to get there, to the moment the learned of the scholarship, and even to the call home to share the good news with family.

This is as feel-good as it gets. Enjoy.