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Video: Auburn HS (AL) pairs the "fainting goat" with the tackle screen to score

Remember the Arkansas State "play dead" trick play that was inspired by a hit YouTube video with over a million hits where 21 of the 22 players at North Carolina fell over and played dead?

When Blake Anderson and Arkansas State ran it last year using it during a fake punt, and it didn't go as planned.

However, the video has inspired a number of teams to incorporate the fainting goat into their trick play as well, and the latest successful one comes from Auburn HS (AL).

On the four-yard line, Auburn HS dials up "Barrel Roll," and moves center Luke "Barrel" Stewart to tackle. After a shift that shuffles the defense's alignment a bit, Auburn's quarterback runs right, and the number two receiver runs a bubble for a few steps before executing the fainting goat.

Meanwhile, Luke Stewart floats back from the left tackle spot, catches the screen behind the line, secures the catch, and scampers into the end zone untouched.

It's every offensive lineman's dream...