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Auburn's video pitch to sell tickets: Moments you won't want to miss

Auburn's strategy to get you to buy tickets for this upcoming season is absolutely brilliant, but it isn't something that they'll (likely) be able to do year after year. But what they have done is found a way to capitalize on the moments and the momentum that came with their 2013 season.

As a reminder that tickets are still available, the athletic department has released videos like the one below. By highlighting the special, once in a lifetime type moments that defined their 2013 season and catapulted them to the national title game, they almost guilt trip you into wanting to be there to experience every moment yourself.

Those of you out there that have been unlucky enough to end up missing one of the most iconic games in your favorite teams history, only to have to hear about it from friends or family for years to come, know exactly what I'm talking about. For me it was the 2011 MSU vs. Wisconsin "Hail Mary" finish, and the 2001 MSU vs. Michigan "1 second" game. Take it from don't want to be that guy.

Excellent strategy that is sure to strike a chord with Auburn fans everywhere...especially those that missed moments like this one.