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Auburn shows off their rich tradition with this recruiting video

Over the course of college football history, Auburn has racked up 12 undefeated seasons, 12 conference titles, two national titles, and is home to three Heisman Trophy winners. When it comes to tradition, Auburn's history is among the elite.

In an effort to show off that rich tradition to recruits, the video guys put together this clip to remind recruits of the past that is associated with Auburn football, which includes various national award winners, nail-biting ends to rivalry games, and NFL Draft picks.

Nothing captures the attention of 17 and 18 year old kids better than flashing back to Heisman Trophy presentations and hearing familiar Auburn names called during the first round of the NFL Draft, so nice work here by the guys at Auburn.

There's a reason Auburn reels in top 10 recruiting classes year after year, and it's because they know their audience.