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Back on the job, Urban Meyer sits for ESPN interview

Urban Meyer's suspension is officially over, and the Ohio State coach taped an interview during his time away with ESPN's Tom Rinaldi.

Rinaldi pressed Meyer on a number of points, particularly on his treatment of the Courtney Smith situation in juxtaposition with the Ohio State core values and what Shelley Meyer knew in 2015. Take this exchange for example.

Rinaldi: "You put your core values of your program on the wall at the Woody Hayes Center, printed in all caps for everybody to see. What are the first two values?"

Meyer: "Honesty is number one, and respect women number two."

Rinaldi: "Honesty and treat women with respect. Through the course of these events involving Zach and Courtney Smith, how do you think you honored those values?"

Meyer: "I still hold those values so firm and so strongly, and I apologize for the perception that I don't.

Rinaldi: "You apologize for the perception. What is the perception?"

Meyer: "That, as a result of this investigation and this situation, that I did not take that seriously."

Rinaldi: "For the perception. What apology, if any, for the actions, Urban?"

Meyer: "Also for the actions. It was a very tough time, a tough situation that Courtney was in, that Zach Smith was in, that we were led to believe was a very difficult divorce and a lot of things going on, and I erred. I made a decision to do the best I can to help stabilize that situation, and one of the things, I look back now, I probably should have fired him."

Watch the full interview below.

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