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"Backside guard catches the pitch and rumbles into the end zone"

Before my senior season, my head coach came and asked me to move from fullback up to guard. We were thin on the offensive line and we had a pretty good quarterback we needed to protect.

Without hesitation I switched from #21 to #56 and the rest is history. We had a great season. Late in what was a fairly sizable first round playoff victory coach pulled me out, told me to grab some water and then be ready to go back fullback.

He told me I had one play to score a touchdown. 20 trap, right up the gut, I got in. My fellow offensive linemen and I rejoiced enthusiastically, we (I) got flagged for excessive celebration, and no one cared. It was glorious.

That was nearly 20 years ago. Now, fast forward to present day...and imagine the smile on my face when I saw the play below!

I mean, that's taking things to a whole different level.

The guard receives a pitch from the receiver who took it on a reverse.

Years from now this young man will remember this story just as I did....he walked into the end zone untouched! 6 points for the big man.

God bless this great game.