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Ball State players critique game film of head coach Mike Neu from his playing days

Before embarking on his coaching career that took him from Ball State, to a few different stops in the arena league, to the New Orleans Saints as a scout and then back as the quarterbacks coach a few years later, to Tulane, Ball State head coach Mike Neu was the starting quarterback at Ball State in the early 90's.

To have a little fun, Ball State decided to have a few players sit down and watch clips of Neu during his playing days for the Cardinals, as a new feature called "Cards Watch Their Coaches." The opportunity provided players the unique chance to provide some feedback to their head coach on his form, decision making, and a variety of other areas.

At the 1:09 mark, coach Neu shows off his hard count during a play where he ends up taking a knee, and immediately after kneeling, he tries to surge forward for a few yards. Not sure about that one coach.

At the 1:24 mark, Neu provides some pretty passionate feedback to the coaches on the sideline, and players had a little bit more fun with that.

"If we did that to him, we'd be in a lot of trouble," one player notes. Another points out "that's the type of juice we need around here."

I really like the idea here from Ball State. Very well done fellas.