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Ball State shows how the new NCAA "unlimited food" rule has impacted them


The decision by the NCAA to allow colleges and universities to feed student athletes around the clock is one of the smartest things that the they have done in recent memory.

Now, thanks to the good people at Ball State, we now get to see the impact it's having on the student athletes, and the strength staff with the video below.

"Food is an absolute priority during camp," head coach Pete Lembo explains in the clip. "And it's really a priority all year round, when we're on campus, or when we travel, I'm always thinking about food for the guys and how long its been since they've last eaten, and when they'll eat again."

"One of the greatest things that the NCAA ever passed was allowing guys to eat, or us to feed them. It allows us to feed them at any point in the day." head strength coach Dave Feeley explained.

"It's almost like a visit from Santa Claus. We're giving out presents of granola bars and bagels and what-not, and they need it. They need it constantly. What they go through is different, and so much more demanding than the average human being that they need food and they need calories to replenish and recharge their batteries to help their body heal."

Ball State then takes things a step further by accompanying assistant strength coach Ben Armor on a trip to the grocery store. At the end of the trip the cart contained everything you'd expect like oranges and bananas, as well as some stuff you might not expect like a few boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and Pop Tarts.

"We were talking with a former strength coach in the NFL who had just retired and what that coach would do with his players is their carbohydrate intake was tremendous."

Hear more from Feeley and Ball State below.