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Baylor coaches taking to social media to share short clips breaking down position specific drills

One thing that COVID has helped to spark over the past year is a wealth of football content from various online clinics as well as drill tapes.

Baylor is showcasing something unique with their coaching staff in a new Coaches Corner series by having their assistant coaches break down a drill. They may not be the first college football program to do so, but the insight and coaching points provided are like you're at practice with them and something that coaches will really enjoy.

So far, two drills have been shared by the program. One working with the outside linebackers, and another with the tight ends with more likely on the way.

Yesterday, offensive coordinator / tight ends coach Jeff Grimes, who we highlighted earlier today with a video of him explaining why wide zone is the best run scheme in football, talked through the coaching points of a drill his unit does focused on power transfer.

Today, outside linebackers coach Joey McGuire shared an edge pass rush drill they use with their guys.

With more of these likely on the way, Baylor's football page is going to be a good one to keep an eye on.

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