There are a lot more reasons to attend a Baylor game today than 20, ten, seven, and even two years ago. First and foremost, the team is good. Really good. Second, Baylor no longer has the worst stadium set up in the Big 12. Ask the folks in Waco and they’ll tell you theirs will be the best once McLane Stadium opens on Aug. 31.

    PHOTOS: Take your first look at Baylor’s new McLane Stadium

For some fans, though, that won’t be enough to actually get up and attend McLane Stadium. In advance of opening day, Baylor has created an app to take every one of those fans’ excuses away. The app will offer everything a fan can get from home, and presumably some extra content those on their couches can not. The San Francisco 49ers and their similarly new Levi’s Stadium have set the standard for in-stadium connectedness in the NFL (you can order $10.50 Coors Lights from your seat!), and Baylor has now done the same for college football.


And if this still isn’t enough to get you in the gates, there’s also this:

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