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Baylor staff simultaneously tweets #TRUTHDONTLIE hashtag

Amid a tumultuous time at Baylor -- with its former Title IX coordinator granting interviews to CBS's morning show, the school firing back with claims of money chasing -- the football staff has stood together. Against the Baylor administration.

After junior college transfer Jeremy Faulk was dismissed from the team, the university announced Monday the booting was interim head coach Jim Grobe's decision. “The action to remove Jeremy from the football team was taken by the interim director of athletics and acting head football coach, and did not require other Executive Council members nor Title IX staff involvement," the statement read.

Only, Grobe said it wasn't his decision, and called a local news station to say the administration made the call and pinned it on him.

And, in a show of solidarity, the entire staff tweeted the article with a familiar hashtag at the same time Monday evening.

And so on and so on.

That hashtag was a favorite of Art Briles, but has stayed largely dormant since the former Bears coach tweeted it on the same day ESPN released additional sexual assault allegations against the Baylor program back in May. He was fired one week later.

It's clear from afar the different factions within Baylor are looking out for themselves as reverberations from the sexual assault scandal and its subsequent handling continue to shake the university. The Baylor football staff has privately expressed frustration at, as they feel, being scapegoated by the university.

Tonight's effort now takes that fight public.