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Baylor unveils new Oregon-esque uniforms

I think Nike has a new favorite uniform template, y'all.

On top is Oregon's new uniform set, debuted last year.


Next is Baylor's new uniforms, debuted on Saturday.

Baylor 1

Aside from the self-plagiarism, it's hard to hate a Baylor uniform that's nothing but green, gold and white. Gone are the black, the chrome and the gray of the Art Briles era (along with the bear paw shoulder pads), a return of a simpler, less brash Baylor under the Matt Rhule regime.

In theory, each color could be mixed and matched -- pairing the gold pants with the green helmet and jersey would be a nice look -- but, if Oregon's lead is to be followed, each set is its own package, meaning Baylor would go only mono-green, mono-gold or mono-white.

Either way, it's certainly an improvement from what Michigan State threw up today.