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How to beat Alabama, according to Ed Orgeron

While at the podium for Day one of SEC Media day, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was asked how to beat Alabama.

If the room had been full of coaches instead of media members, that question alone would have perked up the ears of every person in the room. How do you beat Alabama? It's a quandary that many coaches have been stumped, sometimes embarrassingly bad, by.

Orgeron's answer, after noting that the job of the head coach at LSU is to beat the Tide?

While that may be the type of answer you'd come to expect from one of the greatest recruiters college football has seen in decades, and we all know there's a lot more to beating Alabame than that, there's a lot of truth to it when you look at the teams that have beaten Saban over the past few seasons. It's not a stretch to argue that teams like Clemson, Ohio State, and Ole Miss have all recruited at a comparable level as Saban's Tide. Last year, Orgeron (as the team's interim head coach) led the Tigers to a toe-to-toe slug fest with 'Bama, so future Orgeron vs. Saban matchups are going to be really, really fun to watch. Coach O also shared two important lessons he learned from his head coaching job that did not include the interim title.