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Beaty: "Effort's a minimum expectation" for new staff at Kansas


Back on December 5th, Kansas made it official by hiring David Beaty (who had been coaching the receivers at Texas A&M) to lead the Jayhawk football program into the future.

You could argue that no one that interviewed for the KU job had more love for the program, the university, and the city of Lawrence quite like Beaty, who had two previous stints as an assistant with the Jayhawk program prior to landing the head coaching job. Since taking over, Beaty and his staff have hit the ground running and are working their tails off to get things turned around.

His first order of duty was to hire a quality staff of good, loyal guys that he could trust to relay a sense of urgency to the players.

"It’s a way of life, there was a plan from the beginning in terms of what type of folks we were looking for. It’s not necessarily yellers and screamers. It’s teachers, but we do want (the players) to feel urgency.” Beaty told

“A long time ago, a good buddy of mine told me the definition of urgency is an immediate call to action, and that’s what we want them to feel in everything we do - between drills, before practice starts - and we’re trying not to lower that standard on anything.”

Beaty went on to note that good practice habits, like maximum effort, are where it starts in order to get Kansas back to the days when they were winning Orange Bowls and challenging for Big 12 titles.

“Effort’s a minimum expectation. We tell ’em we’re not gonna spend a lot of time on their effort, because we expect that every day. We expect (them) to produce. You look across the world, it’s the guys that produce that are the big winners.”

We'll have to wait until fall to see what Beaty's stamp on the Kansas program will look like on the field, but this is one of the handful of teams that I'm most excited to see the change in come the season opener against South Dakota State on Saturday, September 5th.

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