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BeGREAT: lessons on life and football

They are not preparing for games this fall, but that hasn't stopped coaches from preparing them for life...

North Carolina Central University is one of many schools that will not be taking the field this year. In lieu of x's and o's, NCCU head coach Trei Oliver decided to focus on the other huge aspect of what coaches provide...lessons on life. Oliver and his staff decided to create a speaker series for his players. A series that highlights successful, inspirational people who discuss the relationship between GREATness and things like manhood, branding, commitment and decision making .

NCCU football uses the term "GREAT" to guide how they run their program. To them, GREAT means grit, relentless, effort, attitude and tenacious.

Oliver said of the series, "I believe that a level of greatness lies within all athletes, but we want ours to be great on and off of the field. Our goal is to educate, inspire and develop our football student-athletes. We want them to establish an identity outside of sports, and grow in all aspects of their lives. We want them to 'Be GREAT' in the most important game… the game of life."

Each speaker that Oliver has chosen will focus their speech on topics and messages that tie into being GREAT in life and in sport. So far two speakers have already presented and there are two more yet to come this fall. The series opened with former college football player turned CEO, Nazir Levine. The series will finish with a round table discussing intensely important subjects like domestic relationships and police-citizen interactions.

Below is the first episode

We really applaud this awesome idea by NCCU football. We all know that there's so much more to football than just what happens on the field and we also know that the lessons that coaches can provide to players are priceless. This shows how important it is to not only develop the athlete but the person as well. Well done, NCCU.