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Behind the scenes of NC State's video department

Working in the video department of football program may be one of the most thankless jobs in sports, yet no behind the scenes job is more important.

Coaching and preparing for game day without the hours upon hours that the film guys (or for you Division II and Division III guys - your grad assistants) put in would be near impossible.

Here, the NC State film coordinators (Hud Jordan and assistant Brett Davis) talk about their journey and then take you through their daily job duties and expectations, and demonstrate how they keep things running smoothly for Dave Doeren and his coaching staff.

The best video guys are the ones that can happily maintain their position in the background because that means they aren't making mistakes that coaches notice. It's like being the center, the only time the average fan notices him is when there's a bad snap, then all eyes are solely on him.

These guys have a lot on their plate and help to keep thing running smoothly so that the coaching staff con concentrate on what they do best...coaching.