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"Behind the Broncos" takes you behind the scenes of Denver's head coaching search

Denver plans to take you inside their head coaching search with a new series.

As you can tell with the notes on The Scoop of interview requests and scheduled interviews around the NFL, this is a busy time of year for front offices.

With an open head coaching job after parting ways with Vic Fangio, Denver is looking to capitalize on their search by creating some extra content for a hungry fan base.

Today they released a teaser of the first episode of Behind The Broncos that looks like it will focus on following the search and the work they're putting in behind the scenes.

"I think, in today's NFL, it is really imperative that you have a really good leader," GM Georga Paton shares to lead off the teaser.

"Someone who can empower and inspire is the number one trait that we're looking for."

"We're going to interview a lot of candidates. We think there are a lot of qualified candidates out there, so we are going to be thorough, we're not going to be rushed so we know we're going to get the right leader for the Denver Broncos."

The cameras then go inside the interview room, while providing anonymity of who is actually in the hot seat.

his looks like it could provide some interesting perspective, as I'm sure they'll release it when they settle on a new head coach.