The who’s who of the NFL is in suburban Phoenix this week for owners’ meetings. The top line item from today’s agenda was the owners’ approval of the Raiders’ move from Oakland to Las Vegas in 2020. The second? The shooting of the annual Head Coaches Class Photo.

Every year it’s a photo remarkable for its sheer awkwardness (the above photo is the 2013 version, also taken at the Biltmore). Like clockwork, you can count on this group of highly-paid professionals to revert back to first grade awkwardness: some guys will look like they’re taking a mug shot, others like it’s a family photo; some guys have no idea how to dress; someone is always missing (this time it’s Bill Belichick and Adam Gase.)

Behold — the 2017 edition of a forced photo between multimillionaires trying to coach each other out of jobs!

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