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Behold: The latest Texas high school football palace

You are a resident of McKinney, Texas, the red blob on the map below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.29.51 AM

To the northwest of you sits Celina, one of the preeminent small school football powers in the state. To the southwest of you is Frisco, whose eight high schools will move into Jerry Jones' new football/branding amusement park in August. To your immediate south is Allen, a one-school powerhouse that plays in one of the most expensive stadiums in high school football.

Clearly, the folks of McKinney need a palace of their own. What's the point of even playing high school football without one?

According to the Dallas Morning News, next week the McKinney school board will consider a $220 million bond proposal that will include a $50.3 million, 12,000 seat stadium and events center. McKinney's three high schools currently share a 7,000-seat stadium built in 1962. Big games regularly require McKinney ISD to rent extra seating.

If approved, the stadium would move to a May 7 bond election. The Morning News says "nearly half" the residents who spoke up in a recent meeting spoke out against the stadium, but those in favor view it as a tool to keep up with Allen and Frisco.

“It’s something our community will look at with great pride when they come down Highway 121,” McKinney ISD superintendent Ray McDaniel said. “Regardless from where you’re coming from, you’ll see the stadium. And that speaks volumes.”

McKinney Stadium