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Behold: The worst deep snaps of 2020

In each Nuggets column includes a brief section called "Horrifying if it happens to you, hilarious for the rest of us." It's pretty self-explanatory: bloopers that were objectively funny so long as your team wasn't doing the blooping.

More often than not, those bloopers occurred on special teams, usually a bad snap.

Today, Seth Galina of Pro Football Focus gave us a late Christmas present -- a supercut of the worst deep snaps of 2020.

In watching this clip for the 11th or 12th time, I think I identified precisely what's so funny about a football play gone horribly (or hilariously) awry, especially a deep snap that either skitters across the turf or sails 10 yards above the punter or holder's head.

Football is a highly complex game where players spend all year training and coaches spend countless hours preparing, agonizing over the smallest detail in order to gain their team the slightest advantage in tireless pursuit of the all-important victory. And all it takes is one hardly-used player making one mistake and suddenly those plans are shoved aside and the game becomes a bunch of kindergartners on an Easter egg hunt.


And while we're here, let's wind back to 2017 and remember the greatest blooper in college football history.

Let's do this again next year, shall we?