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Being Bret Bielema - Episode 1: The Setup


After plenty of trailers, teasers, and talk, the first full episode of "Being Bret Beilema" entitled The Setup is finally here.

The full feature is really well done, providing plenty of insight beyond Bret Bielema as a coach, and diving into Bret Bielema the person with snippets from respected media guys like Andy Staples, and Dan Wolken providing their take on why the Arkansas head coach is so polarizing among college football fans.

Athletic Director Jeff Long admits that he doesn't see Bielema as a polarizing figure.

"I don't necessarily think that about him being polarizing, but I guess if I step back and look at it, he is in ways," Long explains. "But he speaks his mind. He speaks what he believes is the truth. He is who he is, and when he speaks to that sometimes he can offend people, and sometimes he can encourage people or get people excited about our program, but he's very real."

On another note, at one point early on in the clip, Bielema shares that his pet peeve in life is "people that want to be someone other than who they are." Maybe that explains his approach better than anything else. Bielema is simply himself.

The first episode is also filled with some of Bielema's greatest press conference bloopers and quotes, including his "borderline erotic" comment that had everyone talking, as well as the "looking forward to hopping on the wife...I MEAN on the plane".

Hopefully, a deleted scenes feature also become available as the mini-series continues to catch steam. For now, enjoy the first episode below.