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Belichick shows how an in-game adjustment lead to a touchdown

Bill Belichick loves to talk... about things he loves to talk about. Ask him about the situation in the Middle East, the state of country music or anything outside of football and you're lucky if you get two words out of him. But ask him to explain why his offensive line has expanded its splits by one foot and all of a sudden the guy won't shut up.

This clip falls in that second category, and the New England Patriots coach is happy to explain everything that needs explaining. Specifically, it's how Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels spotted a brief exchange between two Houston Texans defensive backs and turned it into a touchdown.

This is brilliant: Bill Belichick explains how they came up w/ a in game adjustment which resulted in a wide open Chris Hogan TD on Sunday.

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) September 28, 2017

That 48-yard touchdown strike from Tom Brady to Chris Hogan gave New England a 21-20 lead with four minutes before halftime and proved to be a crucial score in a 36-33 Patriots victory.